Flat Irons

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Flat irons are generally used to flatten or straighten curly or wavy hair. For this reason they are also commonly referred to as hair straighteners. There are various types of flat irons to choose from, however the one that you ultimately select should be appropriate for the length and texture of your hair.

The plates on all flat irons are made from a type of heat conducting material that straightens the hair at fairly high temperatures. Like their predecessor and namesake, the household clothing iron, the plates on traditionally flat irons are constructed out of some sort of metal. Although there are still flat irons with metal plates being sold today, the majority of the newer models are now being fabricated out of ceramic.

Some flat iron brands come with fixed temperature settings, but there are several models out there that have adjustable temperature controls. This is important because fine and color treated hair simply can’t handle a lot of heat, whereas hair that is thick and coarse will obviously require more heat to straighten. No matter what type of hair is being straightened, if the flat iron gets too hot it could scorch and ultimately damage the hair.

Crimp, Curl, and Flip

Many people are under the false illusion that flat irons can only be used to straighten long hair. Not only can flat irons straighten hair, but they can also crimp, curl, and flip it. Plus they come in a variety of sizes ranging from one inch to three inches, which allows them to be used on short, medium and long hair.

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