Hai Flat Irons

Written by Kimberly Clark
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The plates on the HAI flat irons are made out of a specially coated ceramic material that protects the hair from damaging heat. As opposed to the traditional metal flat irons that use thermal heat to straighten the hair, flat irons constructed out of ceramic emit infrared heat. This type of heat penetrates the hair much faster and is less drying.

HAI Convertible Ceramic Flat Iron

To accommodate all hair types and lengths, HAI offers its flat irons in several different models. However, the HAI Convertible Ceramic Flat Iron is probably their best selling item. The one and a quarter inch plates on this iron are a unique sapphire color and evenly distribute heat to the hair.

In addition to its ability to deliver consistent heat, the HAI Convertible Ceramic Flat Iron is equipped with an adjustable temperature control. The available temperature settings range from 140° Fahrenheit to 410° Fahrenheit. The operating manual recommends styling fine, bleached, fragile, and damaged hair on the lowest setting; whereas really coarse and thick hair, described as ethnic, should be styled with the highest temperature level.

The handle on the HAI Convertible Ceramic Flat Iron is ergonomically designed for comfort, but it also offers the user more styling options. In addition to straightening, its design makes it suitable to twist and curl the hair. Also, the HAI flat irons are squeeze-sensitive, meaning that a tighter squeeze will direct more ceramic heat to the hair for better styling results.

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I think it was damaged. Sometimes a smephint of irregular' products will be sold to stores like TJ Max and then sold for a very low price. I read that sometimes things goes wrong during manufacturing and several products will end up with irregular features; They're not of the quality that Rusk would sell in their own stores so they sell them at a discount to broken down department stores.