Hair Color Highlights

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Professional-looking hair color highlights can be achieved without a trip to the salon and without the use of messy home dye kits. For a great look that requires no maintenance and no color commitment, consider colored hair extensions. These little hair accents are easy to use, inexpensive and available online.

Hair Color Highlights Are Fun and Easy

Highlighting your hair with extensions gives you the flexibility to change out the color and placement of your highlights at a moment's notice. If you want a streak of hot pink, you can get it without having to live with it for a long time. For a glamorous fashion statement, use extensions to frame your face with a subtle streak of blonde or red.

Extensions are often made of real human hair, so they blend in with your own hair for a truly natural look that will make your streaks look like professional hair color highlights. If you want less color, simply secure your extensions under your own hair so that only a little of the color shows through. Or, make them more noticeable by tucking your own hair underneath. Hair extensions keep you in control of your look.

Colored hair extensions give you hair color highlights for a lot less time and money than the salon. You can go online to find the right shades for you. There are lots of exciting colors to choose from, whether you want a natural shade or one that really stands out. They go well with any style and can be cut into bangs or dyed to suit your mood. Extensions are quick, easy and fun!

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