Hair Dryers

Written by Kimberly Clark
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When someone says they need to buy a hair dryer, what exactly does that mean? After all, the term hair dryer is such a generic one that it definitely requires further clarification. It could be used to describe a hood or bonnet type of hair dryer or one of those hard hat hair dryers that they roll around on wheels in the salon.

In this fast-paced, transient world, the person requesting a hair dryer is more than likely referring to a blow dryer. Now that does narrow it down a little bit, but there are still several different types of blow dryers out there to choose from. Although, it seems as if the latest craze is ionic hair dryers.

Ionic Hair Dryers

Ionic hair dryers impart negative ions to the hair that leave it silky and shiny and generally more manageable. Also, the negative ions break the water molecules apart, thereby significantly reducing the time it takes to dry the hair. Conversely, traditional hair dryers that use thermal heat simply boil the hair.

Furthermore, the ionic technology produces positive energy and infuses moisture into the hair shaft. This ionic energy also seals the hair cuticle. This locks the moisture into the hair and enables it to repel the humidity in the atmosphere, thus making the hair less vulnerable to static electricity and frizz.

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Actually i have the electric rreolls hairsetter got it at wally world lol , occasionally i play my hair but recently i can't do it by myself anymore hair getting so long, thought of sending it to my mom she can use it for sure! I love it it just a matter of 8 minutes you have fab hair already, so cool!