Hair Straightening Irons

Written by Kimberly Clark
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We’ve certainly come a long way from the days of straightening our hair on our mothers' stoves. Back then we had no idea just how much heat we were putting into our hair, until that is, it turned white and fell to the floor. Well all I can say is thank goodness we’ve left those days far behind us.

The electric curling/straightening iron was introduced to the market circa 1980 by an African-American inventor named Theora Stephens. Her redesign at least unleashed us from the kitchen stove and allowed us to take our essential styling tools on the road with us. Of course we still had no real idea of how much heat we were putting on our hair and even if we did we couldn't do much about it.

The hair straightening irons of today, are not only portable, but many of them are also adjustable. Nowadays, the irons are so versatile that one device can be used on all different types of hair. Simply crank the temperature setting up for super thick, coarse and wavy hair, or turn it way down low for thin and fragile hair.

Modern Day Straightening Irons

Even though users of hair straightening irons desperately want straight hair, they are not completely oblivious to the damage that much heat is doing to their hair. However, we are fortunate enough to be living in an age, when the materials that some of the modern day straightening irons are being made out of can actually be beneficial to our locks. Some of these materials include ceramic, tourmaline, and sapphire.

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Theora Stephens

Where can we find some information about the elusive Theora stephens. A short biography? Believeit or not our children write about her for African American History month