Hair Streak

Written by Beth Hrusch
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So, what are hair streaks and how can they change your look? You may have seen these little clip-in accents on women of all ages and wondered how and where to get them, and how easy they are to use. Are they expensive? The fact is, hairstreaks, or clip in hair extensions, are for anyone who wants a quick and easy way to change their hair from boring to eye-catching. They are inexpensive pieces of color that add drama to your look.

Hair Streaks Make a Big Impact

The great thing about hair extensions is that they come in a lot of different colors that will help you express your personality. If you want to get noticed, try blue or pink streaks. Against your natural color they will really stand out. Platinum blonde against dark hair has a custom look that will make people think you spent hours in the salon to achieve.

Just decide where you want a little splash of color. Part your hair and insert the hair extension comb, securing it with the clip. It's that easy! And, there is no color commitment. You can change out your hair streaks anytime, anywhere at a moment's notice. Online ordering is easy, and you may be surprised by how affordable colored hair extensions are compared to the cost (and mess) of dyeing.

Hair streaks are fun little hair accents that can give you a dramatic look for a lot less than you might think. They are also an ideal gift for the girl in your life who has a sense of adventure. Use them for special occasions when your usual look just won't do. Or, try them for an evening out! Hair extensions put you in control of your custom look.

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