Human Hair Clip On Extensions

Written by Beth Hrusch
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You can do a lot with human hair clip on extensions! These little hair accents are fun and easy to use, with the look and feel of real hair. They blend right in with your own hair for a perfectly natural-looking highlight. Professionals have been using them for years to give their clients more styling options. Now, you can get the same great looks at home for a lot less time and money.

Human Hair Clip On Extensions--An Affordable Option

Consider how many times you have been invited to go somewhere at the last minute, or something comes up unexpectedly, and you wish you had a quick way to boost your style. Or, you need a fresh look for a special occasion but don't want to spend the time and money on a trip to the salon. Hair extensions can help you get a dramatic new look in a snap.

How? By giving you styling options that truly reflect your personality. You can insert colored human hair clip on extensions anywhere you want a streak of color that either contrasts with or complements your natural hair. Fashion colors allow you to go from wild to sophisticated in just a few minutes. Their small size makes them portable so they can go with you anywhere, ready to change your look quickly.

A comb and clip system securely holds your human hair clip on extensions in place, so they stay put through any activity. And, for added convenience, they can be cut, washed and dyed because they are real hair, just like your own. Try out these fun hair accessories and see how you can change your look for less. Hair extensions are easy to order online!

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