Human Hair Extensions

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Human hair extensions are a natural-looking way to get a more sophisticated look. Extensions lengthen and add color to your own hair. When made of real human hair, they are virtually indistinguishable from the rest of your hair. So, when shopping for hair extensions, make sure you check whether they are natural or synthetic. It could make all the difference in your style.

Human Hair Extensions Look Natural

Hair extensions are available in a wide range of colors from bright fashion shades to blondes and brunettes that complement your existing color. Choosing colors that reflect your personality will ensure that you get the look you want. A vibrant pink, for example, can add sparkle to a special occasion. Contrasting streaks of color will also bring glamour to your natural shade.

While color is important, it's not the only consideration when buying extensions. A natural look is critical to achieving the best results, and this can only be accomplished with real human hair. Human hair extensions can be brushed, cut, washed and styled. In other words, they can be treated just like your own hair. This makes them durable and helps them blend in. Synthetic fibers often look synthetic, no matter how advanced they are

When you can get more natural-looking results with human hair extensions, why settle for anything that looks artificial? Even when looking for a glamorous streak of hot pink or blue to put you in a party mood, real human hair will help you pull it off. You'll never have to reveal your secret when everyone thinks it's a clever dye job. And the best part is, you didn't have to go to the time and trouble of dyeing.

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