Japanese Hair Straightening Irons

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Contrary to its name, Japanese hair straightening was not designed solely for use on the hair of people of Japanese descent. No this terminology simply refers to a category of hair straighteners that were designed in Japan. When most people hear the term Japanese hair straightening, they immediately think about the thermal reconditioning process that chemically straightens the hair.

Thermal Reconditioning

The thermal reconditioning process started in Japan about six years ago and is now being performed all over the United States. There are three primary companies that develop this type of product. They are the Yuko Systems, Liscio Thermal Reconditioning and Bio Ionics Ion Retexturizing System.

The thermal reconditioning process begins by shampooing the hair, then applying a thioglycolate chemical to the hair. After the chemical is washed out and the hair is dried, it is then straightened with one of the proprietary straightening irons manufactured by the same people who supplied the chemicals. These irons are often referred to as Japanese hair straightening irons.

This process is labor intense and can take around three to four hours to complete. It is not cheap either, as the price to get a Japanese hair straightener applied to your hair can set you back $300 to $600. However, many people who have had the process done are really happy with the results and say that they tend to last for around six to eight months.

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