Kenta Flat Irons

Written by Kimberly Clark
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The GIS Kenta flat irons are high quality hairstyling products that are handcrafted in Italy. These flat irons are narrow with distinct rounded edges--a special design that makes them ideal for straightening the hair as well as for creating beautiful, roller-set looking curls.

The Kenta flat irons are conventional hair straighteners that are constructed out of metal and are reasonably price around $130 to $160. The one-inch wide plates on the iron are designed to heat up rather quickly. This iron does not have an adjustable temperature setting on it, but it does provide 140 watts of consistent power to the hair.

What Users Say about Kenta Irons

This attractive looking tool is black and silver and scissor shaped. It also has a traditionally designed, yet professional looking Marcel handle. In general, users report that this product is reliable and easy to use. Of course, the majority of the reviewers of this particular iron state that it seems to works better for thicker, harder to straighten hair.

Furthermore because of its high heat levels, users of the Kenta flat iron recommend using some sort of heat-protecting hair lotion on the hair prior to straightening it. Of course this factor has not deterred people from using the iron. In fact, the Internet is full of positive feedback from loyal Kenta flat iron customers.

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