Sedu Ceramic Flat Irons

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Instead of applying a harsh chemical relaxer or an expensive, not to mention labor intensive, thermal reconditioning system to their hair, many people with curly locks are opting to straighten them with ceramic flat irons. Ceramic flat irons produce hair healing negative ions and are far less damaging to the hair than the traditional coil ones. And a large number of consumers and beauty experts agree that the Sedu ceramic flat irons are the best of the breed.

The Sedu ceramic flat irons have taken the ceramic technology one step further, by incorporating tourmaline gemstones into the design of their plates. Since both ceramic and tourmaline produce negative ions, the plates on the Sedu ceramic flat irons generate six times the negative ions than other standard ceramic flat irons. This translates into hair that is three times as smooth and virtually frizz free.

Rapid Heating Feature

This line of ceramic flat irons heats up very quickly and is capable of reaching the set temperature in approximately 25 seconds or less. Furthermore once the desired temperature is reached, the device is able to consistently maintain its heat level. This is accomplished without creating any hot spots that could potentially scorch sections of the hair.

Moreover the rapid heating feature eliminates the need to preheat the Sedu ceramic flat iron, thereby saving time and electricity. This can also significantly prolong the life of the tool. As a safety precaution, the iron comes with a safety IDCI (immersion detection circuit interrupter) plug to prevent an electrical shock.

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