Solia Flat Irons

Written by Kimberly Clark
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The plates on the Solia brand of flat irons are constructed out of a ceramic / tourmaline mixture. Both of these substances are capable of emitting negative ions, which has been proven to be very beneficial to the hair. The combination of these two materials generates extra ions, producing straighter and far healthier hair than traditional ceramic flat irons.

All the Solia flat irons are sold with variable temperature control, which makes them suitable for use on all types of hair. Plus they come with autosenseâ„¢, a technology that allows the ceramic heater to provide instant and even heat to its plates. In fact this tool can even be used to straighten damp hair without having to dry it first.

Dynamic Alignment System

The Solia flat irons are also equipped with a patented technology called the Dynamic Alignment System (DAS) that ensures there is perfect contact between the plates on the iron and your hair. The self-adjusting contact provided by DAS allows heat to be evenly distributed to the hair. This feature eliminates the formation of random hot spots that could potentially damage the hair.

DAS also serves as a pressure equalizer. By eliminating any pressure points on the plates, the Solia flat iron is able to effortlessly glide through the hair without pulling it. No pulling essentially equates to smoother hair in far less time.

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