Doctor Bags

Written by Johnny Botros
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Doctor bags are classic, well-designed bags. They are, of course, designed for function first, but in their case, functionality creates a certain aesthetic beauty. Doctor bags have not changed much over the years. While they are available in a variety of styles and materials, the simple leather bag remains a perennial favorite.

Leather Doctor Bags

The classic doctor bag is made of leather. It features superior hardware, like stainless steel, bronze, or gold plate. Doctor bags are often imprinted with their owner's initials. In other words, the typical doctor bag is the antithesis of trendy. It's a classic, handsome bag that the owner usually intends to use for the rest of his or her life.

Another important feature of the typical physician's bag is the lock. Doctor's bags are not ordinary handbags. They typically contain instruments and medicines that should be kept under lock and key. These bags are usually offered with either combination or key locks.

The choice of leather is an excellent one for a couple of reasons. First, leather briefcases and doctors' bags are extremely durable. In the second place, leather wears beautifully. Wear and tear burnishes the material to an even more appealing and handsome glow.

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