Garment Bags

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Garment bags are a necessity for anyone who needs to look their best while traveling for business or pleasure. Whether you are flying into town for one day only to seal a deal with a client, or taking your sweetheart on a romantic long weekend, you'll need a garment bag to help you keep your pressed clothes and your suits looking fresh and unwrinkled. Well-designed garment bags also serve as travel bags, with room for toiletries, socks and underwear.

Well-Designed Garment Bags

In addition to room for toiletries and undergarments, well-designed garment bags should have a few other hidden pockets to help you keep organized. If you are flying out for a one-day business trip, you should be able to fit everything you will need in your handheld item (think leather briefcases or tote bags) and your garment bag. The garment bag alone should be able to handle all your clothes, your toiletries, a paper back book or two, a travel alarm clock and anything else you may need to look and feel your best on an overnight trip.

Of course, the garment bag should be well-constructed, too. Ideally, you will want to buy a bag that is part of a larger luggage set. Luggage sets are a handsome, appealing way to travel. A beautifully made luggage set creates the impression of luxury and understated wealth.

Leather is the preferred material for luggage, for both its beauty, and its durability. Of course, the leather should be top notch. Think buttery calf skin. Also, the leather should be hand-stitched for durability. Double stitching is ideal, and individually knotted threads are a smart idea, if you want to avoid runs and frays over the long haul.

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