Leather Briefcases

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Leather briefcases are timeless. Well-made leather briefcases suggest that their owners are competent, elegant people of good taste. A smart briefcase will reflect its quality of understated luxury on its owner. How then can you be certain you are buying an exceptional briefcase, rather than a decent one?

Exceptional Leather Briefcases

If you are looking for truly special leather briefcases, then classic design is a given. if you want a trendy briefcase, buy one of those flashy metal numbers that make you look like 007 with a case full of government secrets. If you want a classic case, start by looking for a classic design.

Next, make sure the leather is great quality. If the leather is calf-skin, and if its flawless, it will get more and more beautiful every year. What begins as a very handsome briefcase today will be a gorgeous, burnished piece of art in ten years. The same holds true for leather purses, luggage sets and travel bags. The difference between decent leather and perfect leather is all the difference, indeed.

Finally, make sure this buttery leather is treated with the respect it deserves. In other words, make sure it's hand-stitched. Mass-production will only result in runs, frays and unraveled threads. Don't let lousy stitching muck up an otherwise beautiful briefcase. Demand hand-stitching, for beauty and durability.

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