Leather Luggage

Written by Johnny Botros
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Leather luggage is very unusual, because it's one of the few products that becomes more beautiful the older it gets. Only art, wine and good leather luggage seem to improve with age! However, this phenomenon holds true only for really well-made luggage. It does not usually hold true for decent but mass-produced luggage, because the flaws inherent in mass-produced leather goods only become more glaring over time.

Exceptional Leather Luggage

So what exactly is the difference between decent luggage and exceptional leather luggage? Exceptional luggage is a result of the quality of the materials of which it is made, and the way in which those materials are crafted. The first factor, the quality of the material, depends on the type of leather and the way it is treated.

Calf-skin is generally regarded as the best leather for briefcases, weekenders, tote bags, and other travel luggage. Calf-skin is supple to the touch and its colors are rich and nuanced. Make sure your luggage manufacturer hand selects truly fine pieces of flawless leather.

Next, make sure the materials are crafted well. In other words, the bags should be hand-stitched. The hand-stitching should be reinforced and knotted to prevent any fraying. Elements of quality are particularly important if you are buying an entire set of luggage, since a defect in even one bag will compromise the perfection of the whole.

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