Bowler Hats

Written by James Lyons
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Norfolk landowner William Coke first introduced bowler hats in the 19th century. These hard felt hats offered a middle ground between the soft felt hats like the ivy caps and the formal top hat. The great Charlie Chaplan popularized the bowler hat in the early 20th century and to this day bowler hats continue to be worn for formal and semi-formal dress.

Who can forget the great Chaplin gracing the screen with his off-beat antics classic bowler hat? This hat is perfect for those attending formal or semi-formal social events. Throw on a nice pair of polished black shoes, an overcoat, and a silk scarf and you are ready to impress.

So, What Goes Well With Bowler Hats?

These hats do particularly well with formal wear such as a nice double-breasted suit or a standard tuxedo. Unlike canvas hats and Irish Tweed hats, the Chaplan bowler is more suitable for formal occasions. Of course, if you feel like wearing a giant sombrero with your wedding tuxedo, that's your prerogative.

You should not sacrifice quality when searching for the right bowler hat. This hat enhances formal attire in a very unique way. This headwear simultaneously evokes class and a sense of playfulness, making the lucky owner want to wear it over and over again. I suppose we owe that stigma to the great Chaplan.

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