Cold Weather Hats

Written by James Lyons
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When it's cold outside, it's important to keep the head warm, and what better way than with a set of sleek cold weather hats. In frigid conditions, it is important to keep the extremities warm--hands, feet and head. You might as well look good doing it.

From San Francisco to New York, from New York to London, from London to Prague, people are paying more and more attention to "heady" fashion. During the brutal winter months (or all year in San Francisco), it's not only practical, it's fashionable to throw on a fur felt hat and hit the town. What a wonderful way to appease Mom and your vanity at the same time!

A Few Cold Weather Hats a Day Keep the Doctor Away

Why do we call the common cold the "common cold"? What makes it so "common"? Most people do not appropriately insulate themselves when they travel outdoors, making their bodies more susceptible to illness.

Certain felt hats and woolen hats effectively insulate the body, keeping it warm and protected. Now, good cold weather hats won't cure the common cold, but it can certainly help. And, if you have a good eye, it can be the missing piece to a complete, stylish wardrobe.

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Hi Lisa~ What a fabulous/generous idea! I don't own a pair of Toms but my 15 month old daghuter, Amira, does and they are super cute on her little feet. I am so happy for you and your blog's success! You definitely deserve all of the love:). I especially cannot wait until you photograph my wedding in September only 4.5 more months!! Congrats on 400 and cheers to many, many more!