Felt Fedoras

Written by James Lyons
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When you think of the felt fedora, you cannot help but visualize the great Frank Sinatra swilling his booze and smoking a cigarette. The image of Bogart in Casablanca might also leap into the mind's eye. The fedora is a symbol in the United States--a symbol of class, sex, danger, and soul.

Fedora is a very broad term that encompasses a whole group of hats. According to the Oxford Dictionary, a fedora is "a soft felt hat with a low crown creased lengthways." In fact, the term "felt fedora" is practically redundant considering this style of hat is almost always a felt hat.

The Classic Felt Fedoras

The fedora has such a rich history in the United States. Like the Western Stetson and the classic Indiana Jones hat, the fedora is a part of American history. In fact, both of these hats I just mentioned are in fact fedoras.

The choice you need to make when purchasing a fedora is what type, as there are literally hundreds of different types of fedoras out there. There are fur felt fedoras, wool felt fedoras, and beaver felt fedoras just to name a few. If you feel the itch to travel back in time and embody the old school, classy way of acting a dressing, throw on a fedora and hit the town.

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