French Beret

Written by James Lyons
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When you think of the French you think of great food, great art, beautiful women, charming men, incessant complaining, Pepe Le Pew and the French Beret. The French lead the world when it comes to fashion. From head to toe, they dictate what we will eventually wear.

The French Beret has found its way on to American heads for decades. A symbol of sex, art and sophistication, this timeless hat melds with many outfits. On any given day one can stroll the streets of New York or San Francisco and discover the popularity of the beret.

The French Beret Invades Manhattan Island

Always at the forefront of the fashion world, New York City is falling back in love with hats. Spend some time in Greenwich Village or the Upper West Side and you will see men's berets and women's berets occupying the heads of stylish Manhattan dwellers. For those of you who have lived in New York City, you know the importance of staying in tune with fashion trends.

The French have been wearing berets for over 200 years. From farmers to shepherds to military personnel, the beret is a signature icon of France. It has sustained its presence for so long because it provides functional value without sacrificing style. It's no mystery why Americans have jumped on this bandwagon.

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