Greek Fisherman Hat

Written by James Lyons
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The Greek fisherman hat looks much like the traditional yacht club hat. The major difference is this particular piece of headwear is far more flexible and much more stylish than the yacht hat. Who would have thought--a hat originally worn by Greek anglers becomes a popular, hip piece of headwear.

Like the safari hats, these hats come in leather, wool, and cotton. In fact, this hat is one of the most popular pieces of headwear in the world. Aside from seamen and dock workers, this hat is adored by every day people like you and I.

Why is the Greek Fisherman Hat So Popular?
A mark of the rugged seaman and the brawny dock worker, the Greek fisherman hat is also the mark of the hopeless romantic. We can thank Anthony Quinn for that after his historic performance in "Zorba the Greek" where he portrays a free-spirited, romantic Greek peasant named Zorba. Like Chaplan made the bowler hat, Quinn made this Greek delight.

This hat also works well with a number of different outfits, from casual to semi-formal wear. Few hats offer this flexibility which obviously contributes to its popularity. Not to mention, what man doesn't want to be regarded as a rugged romantic? I'm not suggesting the hat will give you that persona, but it can certainly help steer you in that direction.

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