Indiana Jones Hat

Written by James Lyons
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Who will ever forget Indiana Jones, equipped with a whip and his Indiana Jones hat, running out of that cave dodging "booby traps" while an enormous, ten-thousand pound boulder tumbled after him? Somehow his hat never detached from his head. I wish all my clothes were that dedicated.

This hat is synonymous with action, adventure and mystery. We can thank the great Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford for that. This character these two film artists created spawned an entire line of hats that men around the world have fallen in love with.

Ladies, Surprise Your Man with an Indiana Jones Hat

If you have a husband, boyfriend, brother, good buddy, a man you like, you should consider getting him an Indiana Jones hat. Indiana is the man most men want to be--charming, intelligent, tough, witty, adventurous, strong, and crafty. His hat helps shape his persona. Get the idea?

Even if your husband or boyfriend does not typically wear hats, this symbolic bit of headwear will become a part of his wardrobe. Simply put, men are suckers for things that make them look and feel cool. And there is no cooler character in movie history than Indiana Jones. If he wants to hunt crocodiles like "Crocodile Dundee," perhaps you can get him a set of outback hats or some safari hats.

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