Leather Safari Hats

Written by James Lyons
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A wardrobe without some leather safari hats is simply incomplete. That's like having a burger without French fries; it just does not work. I am kidding. These hats do serve a specific purpose; however, their growth in popularity has given a number of fashion seekers reason to wear them on any occasion.

In all seriousness, the leather safari hat very similar to the leather cowboy hat in both appearance and functional value. It protects you from the sun and other harmful elements and helps keep the head cool in hot, sultry weather conditions. This particular style of headwear, however, is slightly more sophisticated.

How Can Leather Safari Hats Be Construed As Sophisticated?

I am not saying these hats are sophisticated. I'm saying they are traditionally a touch more sophisticated than the cowboy hat. However, certain leather safari hats don't lend much credence to my argument. However, the name of the hat aside, "The Dude" is a sleek, well-made, durable leather hat that does well in the sun and rain.

Another difference between the aforementioned hats is the brim size. The Western Stetson and the safari hat typically have smaller brims than the traditional felt or leather cowboy hats. In my opinion, this makes them a bit more fashionably versatile.

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