Mens Bucket Hats

Written by James Lyons
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Have you ever wondered why mens bucket hats are called the "bucket hats"? I'll tell you why. . .because these hats happen to look like little buckets. Go figure! Apparently a room full of creative writers and artists were commissioned by the government to come up with a catchy name for this ingenious piece of headwear. They all gathered in a room for days and days until they came up with "the bucket hat." True story.

Occasionally, I like to be glib. I hope you don't mind. The bucket hat in general is one of the more flexible and functional hats you can purchase. Many of the different fisherman's hats, the Greek fisherman hat aside, fall under the bucket hat category. These hats were designed with the idea of literally protecting the owner.

The Sun Has No Patience for Mens Bucket Hats

As I mentioned before, these hats do a marvelous job protecting the face, neck and head, specifically from harmful, aging elements like the sun. Take a trip to Hawaii or the Safari Dessert and you will see various bucket hats gracing the landscape. Like the football coach, Bill Parcels, these people know the value of a good defense.

The Bowler hats and mens bucket hats are similar in structure. However, the bucket hat typically has a brim that angles down to offer further fortification from the sun or rain. It is easy to understand why fisherman, men vacationing in sunny parts of the world, sports fans who like to watch a game outdoors, hikers, men who simply like to be outside, choose to wear these hats.

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