Mens Fedoras

Written by James Lyons
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If you take a closer look at the movie Casablanca, you will notice that Bogart only wore his classic mens fedoras in three scenes. That's right. He only wore that hat in three scenes in the entire movie yet that look sticks in our minds. Does the hat make the man or does the man make the hat?

In this case, I would have to say the man made the hat. Who can deny the power and charisma of one Humphrey Bogart? His fedora and long trench coat became the quintessential look for the American gumshoe; the look of the television and movie detective spawned from Bogart's look.

Movies and the Media Build the Image of Mens Fedoras

In addition to Bogart, Frank Sinatra and Fred Astaire helped build the image of mens fedoras. Sinatra gave the hat a sense of mystery and danger while Astaire gave the fedora grace and humor. These men's faces blanketed papers and magazines for decades often times sporting their classic fedoras. Can you imagine these men wearing newsboy caps or bowler hats?

Al Capone did his share to build an image for this piece of headwear, frequently wearing his wide brim fedora. In fact, the fedora became a signature wardrobe piece for gangsters and hoodlums. Yes, they broke the law and committed murder, but they looked great doing it. If you disagree, take a look at Al Pacino in the original Godfather, and tell me and doesn't ooze style.

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