Mens Winter Hats

Written by James Lyons
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Ladies, if you are having trouble finding the right gift for the men in your lives, you should look at some mens winter hats. As you well know, most men have the fashion sense of tomato paste. If they have to buy winter hats, they will buy something that's cheap and functional and complain about it.

I often ask myself when I step outside in the morning in the cool, crisp mountain air, "Have I made a fashion faux-pas? Would I look better in a fedora with a rakish angle or should I push for an edgier look with a military beret?" Honestly, I never ask myself these questions because I have an excellent sense of style.

Stock Your Closet with Some Mens Winter Hats

Keeping the head warm in cold weather is the key to keeping the entire body warm. Good mens winter hats like wool felt hats and fur felt fedoras make for excellent winter choices providing function and style in one fail swoop. When making your choice, however, make sure the hat provides that insulation you need; otherwise, what's the point.

Fur, wool, sheepskin, or any combination of these three materials typically makes for a good winter hat. When purchasing a hat specifically for the cold winter months, consider those options first. These materials have inherent properties that keep you cozy and warm.

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