Military Beret

Written by James Lyons
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Adopted by the armed forces of France and many other countries, the French Military Beret is a symbol recognized in every country. Its popularity stems from it ability to convey so many attractive qualities--confidence, style, strength and sophistication. It is rare that an item of clothing evokes so many responses.

For over 200 years the French have worn berets. The military, common farmers, shepherds, corporate executives, models, every day workers - all have found the beret useful in some way. As I mentioned before, it has sustained its presence for so long because it provides functional value without sacrificing style.

The US Military Sports its Own Military Beret

In the United States Army, the beret has become a symbol of excellence of its specialty units. Soldiers of the Special Forces, the airborne units, and the Ranger Regiment have long demonstrated such excellence through their legendary accomplishments and unmatched capabilities. Over the past 50 years, berets have been worn by a variety of Army formations--airborne, armor, cavalry, infantry, ranger, special forces, and others.

The Military Beret has also found its way into the hands of civilians. Most of us do not serve in the armed forces, but we still want to reap the fashion benefits. Men and women constantly live vicariously through their heroes buying Indiana Jones hats and Safari Hats that help them escape from their mundane lives. Finding the right hat can help us live a more uninhibited, more imaginative life.

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