Newsboy Caps

Written by James Lyons
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Extra, extra, read all about it! Newsboy caps are coming back into style! Who can forget the beloved paper boy selling the Times for a nickel, sporting a friendly grin and a sharp looking tweed hat? There is no question, these hats are fun and incredibly fashionable.

What makes these interesting hats so popular? I believe it's the sense of playfulness these hats bring out of their owners. This tasty piece of headwear can bring out the newsboy in everyone, even the stiff cynic who hates having fun.

Little Known Facts About Newsboy Caps

How do I know this about newsboy caps? Well, I have first-hand knowledge of the power of headwear. In fact, the original story of "Snow White" has the prince putting a newsboy cap on her to spring her from that prolonged, deep slumber. Of course, this is not true, but the story could have easily gone that way.

This cap instantly injects life into you and looks great with most casual outfits. They work well with men and women and, like crushable hats, are easy remarkably durable and make for great all weather hats. Without a doubt, this hat oozes fun, freedom, and fashion.

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