Panama Hats

Written by James Lyons
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The finest Panama Hats are manufactured in Ecuador by a gradually waning group of weavers. These hats were sold in Panama during the construction of the Panama Canal and people inevitable called them "Panama Hats." The leaves of the plant, Carloduvica palmate, are used in the making of a genuine Panama hat.

Found only in a few areas of Latin America, this plant produces fibers appropriate for quality Panama Hats. The thinner the fibers are, the better the hat should be. A good Panama hat has a similar texture to linen and will take weeks or months to weave by hand.

A Little More History on the Great Panama Hats

In the mid-1800s, gold seekers purchased these hats as they crossed the isthmus of Panama. In 1898, during the Spanish-American War, the United States government purchased nearly 50,000 of these hats from local merchants for the soldiers. In addition, the crew of men and women who constructed the Panama Canal became awfully fond of this piece of headwear because of its ability to keep them cool and protected from the oppressive sun.

These historic, beautifully crafted hats are rich in style and function. The time and detail that goes into the making of a great Panama hat is nothing short of incredible. These hats are among the best summer hats and safari hats any man or woman can buy.

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