Safari Hats

Written by James Lyons
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Do you feel like trekking down to The Congo, packing up some gear and a set of safari hats, and shooting a couple of zebras. . .with a camera? Whether you plan on taking a trip to Africa or you live in New York City, good summer hats are an excellent idea. Protect your head, face, and neck while enhancing your summer look.

Actually, a common safari hat misnomer is that you can only wear this hat during the summer months. The word "safari" does suggest Africa, heat, humidity, torrential downpours, and the like. Truthfully, you can wear these hats any time of the year in any weather condition.

The Increasing Versatility of Safari Hats

Hat makers originally designed safari hats for those who frequent hostile climates like the rain forests of The Congo. The brim often slops towards the ground, a little like a bucket hat, to channel rain away from the face and body. In addition, these hats are generally made with water resistant material. This hat will help keep you feeling cool and dry all year round.

Let us not forget how sharp these hats look. If you need something to enhance you leather jacket and khakis, this might be the accessory you should buy. If you find yourself looking for a hat that you can wear out in the sun and rain, a hat you can wear hiking and keep on for an evening of casual fun, consider this one.

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