Summer Hats

Written by James Lyons
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I love strolling the California beaches in the summertime looking at the men and women in their different summer hats. The California sun has garnered a reputation for being brutal on the skin. That's why Californians stock up on suntan lotion and good hats.

Let us not forget how important it is to keep your finger on the pulse of fashion in the great state of California. In a state packed full of models, actors and movie executives, fashion takes second chair to nothing. In this state, what's on the inside is just as important as what's on the outside.

Choosing Summer Hats

How do you choose the right summer hat? First of all, the hat should provide a function such as keeping you cool or shading your face and neck from the sun. A good hat will do both of these things in addition to durability. With their large brims and porous material, Panama hats usually make for superb summer hats.

In fact, Montecristi hats are among the best summertime hats a person can buy. They typically cost a bit more than other hats, but you are paying for great style, reputation, meticulous craftsmanship, and incredible durability. The right summer hat will provide practical value and fashion value. Don't cut any corners.

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