Womens Fedoras

Written by James Lyons
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When we think of fedoras, we usually think of men--gangsters, movie stars like Sinatra and Bogart, crafty sleuths, a man's man. Like the cigar and boxing and the Corvette, the fedora was the mark of the man. However, Audrey Hepburn proved that women can look every bit as good in a fedora as men can.

A figure of beauty and grace, Audrey Hepburn gave womens fedoras a new appeal. When she graced the screen demurely sporting a fedora, women around the country rushed to the nearest department stores and hat makers and began wearing various fedora hats. Hat companies around the world began tapping into a relatively untouched market.

What Makes Womens Fedoras So Darn Sexy?
When a woman puts on a Borsalino hat or a womens Western Stetson, it's almost too much to resist. What is it about the hat that makes women that much more enticing, that much sexier, that much more irresistible? Is it the legacy of Hepburn and other women that give the hat added appeal or is it something else?

In my opinion, there is something inherently alluring about a woman wearing something traditionally designed for men. For instance, a woman casually smoking a cigar in a nice button-up dress shirt is an incredibly sexy image. Add a fedora with a feminine twist (womens fedoras) and man might not be able to resist.

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