Wool Hats

Written by James Lyons
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Wool hats have to be among the warmest pieces of clothing a person can buy. In the 1830s and throughout much of the nineteenth century, wool top hats were remarkably prevalent. These hats evoked style, wealth, class and sophistication.

Back then, hatters would soak wool in water, remove it, then pound it with a mallet, making the wool tighter and more compressed. Out of this process, wool felt was formed and was subsequently spread out to dry. Once it dried, it was ready to be shaped into a nice wool hat.

What Do Wool Hats Offer?

Most notably, wool hats offer tremendous warmth. Perhaps no other material in the world more effectively insulates the body than wool. Wool is easier and quicker to spin than flax or cotton and the lanolin on wool makes it more water resistant. For these reasons, wool became a very attractive material to use--practical and cost-effective.

These hats offer style (if you buy the right hat), warmth, durability, and affordability. It's such a popular material, that in the 1960s, wool accounted for nearly fifty percent of Australia's export income. From sweaters, to coats, to scarves, to gloves, to mens winter hats, to Irish tweed hats, wool has and will continue to be a popular buy.

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