Baby Doll Lingerie

Written by Liza Hartung
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A good selection of lingerie is key to any woman's wardrobe. We all have those two or three styles that look particularly fabulous, but try branching out on occasion. Something that you previously thought would have looked terrible could become your new favorite. Go with a friend and have fun. My only suggestion would be to wait until after your trying-on session to have lunch.

A few bites too many can make any of us feel like we're rolling out of any piece of lingerie we try on. Go shopping first. Compliment each other on how wonderfully sexy you are. Then, go grab a pizza. You can spend your lunchtime discussing when you are planning to wear your newfound lacy piece, and who is going to be the lucky person to see you in it.

Playing with Baby Doll Lingerie

Some women love baby doll lingerie and some have yet to go near it. There are two major effects you can achieve with this high-waisted nightie. The first is that it can be absolutely girly and fun. If you purchase a design in any pastel color, particularly pink, you will feel sexy and cute.

Now, if you choose to go for something a little more racy like black or red, you combine the cute cut to make an almost naughty lingerie choice. The one you choose will all depend on what mood you are in. White baby doll cuts make for wonderful wedding lingerie. They're pristine and sexy at the same time. Just one is all you'll need. Don't forget to fold it neatly and bring it on your honeymoon.

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