Body Stockings

Written by Liza Hartung
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Body stockings are wonderful for several reasons. Some are practical and some are just fun. If you are wearing an outfit that requires tights and perhaps a top to help a shirt from being too see-through, you can wear a body stocking. You can wear tight clothes over it, and you won't see any seam lines. In addition, when you finally do peel off the stocking, you won't have weird creases on your body like you would from regular stockings.

Hug Your Body with a Stocking
The second use is to feel sexy. Body stockings are sexy. They are the most body hugging you can get without using paint. They also tend to be see-through. We think of stockings as undergarments. People can see them on our lower legs as they stick out from under our skirts or pants, but they are not acceptable, everyday outerwear.

This is what gives them their sexiness when worn alone for an intimate night. You are wearing something that other people shouldn't see. It's very flirty. The only problem with body stockings is taking them off--there usually isn't a zipper, nor is there any place where you can pull and the whole thing slides right down.

This is why I suggest practice. If you know you will be wearing your body stocking for a "special evening" with someone, try the stocking on during the day. Try different ways to take it off where you don't look like a yoga advertisement. Be careful, though, you don't want to rip it before you get a chance to show it off.

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