Body Stockings

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Body stockings are single units of intimate apparel made of hosiery that covers the entire body. Body stockings typically run from the neck or shoulders to the ankles. Though most often seen in black, they also come in a variety of colors, such as whites, browns, and nudes, as well as reds and other bold colors. Body stockings are also often available in plus sizes.

Body stockings are a fun and sexy turn on the undergarment theme. Since (relative to other types of lingerie) body stockings are not as commonly worn, they will nearly always have a pleasantly jaw-dropping effect. Part of their magic is that they cover the body, yet allow everything to be seen. For a harmonious effect, a sexy panty or thong can be worn underneath … or nothing at all.

Fabrics and Features of Body Stockings

Body stockings are typically made of fishnet material, or variations on the fishnet theme, such as fence net or diamond net. Fishnet is an ideal choice for body stocking fabric because it covers the body without stifling it. The open spaces in the fishnet fabric allow the body to breathe comfortably. However, other types of fabric can be used as well, such as stretch lace, animal prints, and combinations of opaque and patterned material.

The fabric content of body stockings is usually nylon, Lycra, or nylon-Lycra blends. The key is for the material to be lightweight. Other variations in body stockings include halter, scoopneck, spaghetti straps, and open back, bust, or crotch designs. So many variations in body stockings exist that, no matter which design you ultimately choose, you are likely to end up with a very sexy and original wardrobe item.

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