Bridal Garters

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Bridal garters are elastic bands for the wedding day that fit around the thighs and are usually covered in a white, ivory, or pastel material. This material is often of a ruffled, stretch lace variety. However, it may also be satin, silk, velvet, or another fine material. Garters were originally invented to hold up stockings many decades ago, but now their function is purely decorative. Most come in satin and lace, and a variety of colors.

Modern-day garter belts, girdles, corsets, bustiers and waist cinches have all taken over the duty of holding up stockings, as well as slenderizing and reshaping the womanly form. These undergarments offer endless choices for brides of all sizes and shapes. They are available in single-size designs as well as specific sizes, including plus sizes.

Options in Bridal Garter Wear

To give you a taste of what's typically available in bridal garter-related wear, sexy white garter belts in silky fabrics such as charmeuse and satin are a good place to start. These garter belts keep the design simple and let the rich, lustrous fabric take center stage. For innocent simplicity, four garter straps work perfectly. For added sexiness on the wedding night, six or more garter straps, especially ones with metal clips, work wonders.

It's hard to explain why this is so, but the fact remains that the more garters, the more exciting the effect tends to be! Other bridal garter choices offer support for problem areas while still remaining sexy. These include girdles, waist cinchers, bustiers and corsets in bridal whites. These garments also feature garter straps, enabling them to perform the double duty of keeping you under control … and your stockings up.

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