Bridal Underwear

Written by Diane Sievert
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Bridal underwear is a booming industry for the lingerie that accompanies a wedding gown is totally different than the lingerie you're used to wearing on a daily basis. It's even more extreme that the lingerie most women wear on special occasions. If you're getting married soon, you best be prepared: shopping for bridal underwear is going to be quite a challenge.

A Guide to Shopping for Bridal Underwear

The first step is choosing a gown: there's no way to determine what kind of bridal underwear you're going to need until you choose your wedding dress. Once the dress has been chosen, you need to take stock of its details. Take a look at the neckline, the backline, the waist, etc.

Once you've given the dress a once over, it's time to decide what kind of bridal lingerie you'll need. If it's a backless dress, then you'll need a backless bra, but if it's a high backed dress with a plunging neckline, then you'll need a demi bra of some sort. This is also the time to decide if you'll be needing shapewear.

Corsets and bustiers are two of the most popular types of bridal underwear because they can mold the bride's body into whatever shape she wants for the evening. While neither of these devices can work miracles, corsets can definitely cinch in the waistline and a bustier can definitely give the bust line a boost. Just be sure to take your dress with you when go to try on bridal underwear so you know what the pieces look like underneath the gown.

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