Christmas Lingerie

Written by Liza Hartung
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Do you know the Christmas carol that has the lyrics, "He's making a list / and checking it twice / gonna find out who's / naughty and nice"? Well, did you ever wonder which list you were on? What if you got to decide? Many women have a little "naughty or nice" list of their own, and it starts with a trip to the lingerie shop.

Christmas is a magnificent time to purchase some fun, frilly, colorful lingerie. Obviously, the biggest sellers are items that are red and green. I have seen countless see-through nighties that are green with red fluffy trim. You can get panties and bras to match. Christmas, although one of the biggest holidays of the year, can become very stressful. You've got a lot of work to do until your break begins, if you get one.

You're concerned about the bills and gifts. Spending goes up considerably. You've got go purchase gifts, hide them, and figure out whom you forgot to get gifts for. You might have parties to plan or baking to do. You might have a huge deadline right before Christmas. You need a night of intimate fun with the one you love. It will help lighten your spirits and relax.

Season's Greetings

There's no better way to wish your significant other Happy Holidays than with a little Christmas lingerie. Sure, you send cards to your friends and family, but what do you do for the one who means the most? You can be Santa's Little Helper in a festive nightie. Since you probably won't wear this until the following year, make sure you don't spend too much.

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