Control Briefs

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Control briefs can create a great line underneath clothing. If you feel you're a little too lumpy or bumpy to make that perfect pair of pants hang just right, control briefs may be the answer. They offer support, lift, and shaping, while still offering the comfort of a brief.

Control Briefs and Other Shapeware

The idea of girdles and shapeware for women is a new concept to a lot of modern women. Our moms might have grown up wearing stockings and girdles, but we did not. Young women were raised to wear a bra, panties, and on special occasions, a slip. What a shame that so many of us were raised without the benefits of shapeware!

Control briefs might not be your first choice for everyday wear. They might not be the undies you pick for a Sunday lounging on the couch. When you want to look your best, however, a little control is a great thing!

If you have trousers that skim your rear end, or draw attention to your belly, wearing a control brief will help them look so much better. They offer gentle support on your tummy, hips, and rear, which will make most of your pants, skirts and dresses look better than ever before. You can choose your level of support, from very firm to very light, for your maximum level of comfort.

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