Control Top Pantyhose

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Control top pantyhose is said by some women to be a gift from God. While that may be going a bit overboard, I have to admit that sometimes I see their point. Quite frankly, I think any womens hosiery that busts its butt to help me look slimmer is a great invention.

I for one am sick of getting lightheaded from trying to suck in my tummy all day long. Being a woman is supposed to be fun, not a threat to your health! Good control top pantyhose helps me feel sexier as well as in control.

The Secret to a Great Control Top Pantyhose

When I'm wearing fine hosiery, I can take my mind off the silly stuff like worrying about how I look and move on to more important things ... like concentrating on my job! Like asking for that raise I believe I deserve! Like flirting with that cute guy that's always at the Starbucks when I'm there too. You get the picture.

Want to know the secret to a great control top pantyhose? It never looks like a control top once you have it on. That's because it's sheer enough, silky enough, sexy enough to fool anyone into thinking it's just there to look great, not to do all the work you actually bought it for.

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