Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Corsets are the most classic style of waist cinchers. Corsets can help create beautiful hourglass shapes for their wearers. This makes them perfect for special occasions that call for formal dresses or evening gowns, since many of these feature full skirts and tiny waists.

Many women try on corsets for the first time because of their weddings. Many wedding dresses are designed to be worn with waist slimming corsets and full petticoats. Bridal corsets usually come in white or ivory, and are often decorated with feminine lace and flowers. A wedding is just one of those times when a woman wants to look completely beautiful, with underclothing that is just as pretty as her outer clothing.

Historical Corsets

The corset is significantly more comfortable today than it was hundreds of years ago. For centuries, the corset was made with whalebone stays. A woman's waist and rib bones were literally held in place by flexible whale bones. These corsets were usually laced up the back, which required the assistance of another woman, either a servant or family member.

Technology changed the corset from year to year. Embroidered hooks and eyes gave way to metal hooks and eyes, which were later replaced by the zipper. Heavy fabrics were replaced by nylon, spandex, or lycra, though some women choose to still wear traditional fabrics to this day.

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