Written by Rachel Arieff
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Corsets are a sexy and adventurous alternative to the normal lingerie routine. Corsets are customized to deal with the hip and abdominal area above the garter. Accordingly, most corsets cover the area of the torso from the hips to the bosom.

The purpose of corsets is to achieve more of an hourglass figure. This is achieved by narrowing the waist so that the hips and breasts appear more prominent. This is a very sexy and powerfully feminine look that can be utilized by every body type, from petite to plus sizes. From its beginnings as an unhealthy Victorian whalebone undergarment, the corset has evolved to become the much gentler symbol of shape-shifting sexiness that it is today.

Today's Comfortable Corsets

Today's corsets, unlike those of the nineteenth century, are not harmful to your health because they're no longer designed to place undue stress on the body. Rather, they are designed for complete adjustability according to your tastes and body type. Most corsets tighten through a system of laces. Stays reinforce the corset's tightness once the laces are adjusted to the desired fit.

In addition, most corsets are constructed with garter straps, allowing you to wear stockings without a garter belt. This is a very seductive look, especially with matching panties or thong. The minimum amount of garters attached to a corset is four. However, any number of straps may be attached. Generally, the more straps fitted to a corset, the more uniform and dependable their hold on the stockings.

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