Female Lingerie

Written by Liza Hartung
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Lingerie is one of the great pleasures of being female. I'm sure men are thinking that it's one of the great pleasures of being male, as they get to see females in lingerie. However, it's quite a different story with women. Lingerie can bring out a whole different side of us. A side that we know is there, but don't feel all the time. It's the side of being sexy and having that power as a woman.

The Long Road of Lingerie

Female lingerie has a long history. Ladies, be happy that you're with today's lingerie and not what they had back in ancient Greece. At that time, the fashion was to wear a bodice made of whalebone. It was made to push the chest up and out. You can imagine that it probably wasn't particularly comfortable. It didn't allow for a lot of upper body movement.

In the Middle Ages, the trend was to suppress, or flatten, the chest. If you had a small bosom already, you were in luck. If not, you had to endure some very restrictive upper body clothing. The Renaissance reintroduced the full-figured silhouette. There was padding everywhere it needed to be. People wanted big busts and small waists. This was achieved by using extremely tight corsets.

These corsets were so tight that someone else had to tie them while the female held on to something for stability. Oftentimes, females would swoon or faint, much to the dismay of doctors. In the 18th Century, women were still fainting, but now they had more decorative corsets with ribbon and embroidery. It wasn't until the 1930s that things got comfortable with the invention of Lastex, a kind of elastic that allowed for a perfect fit.

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