Written by Rachel Arieff
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Flip-flops come in adult and children's sizes. Furthermore, they're available in styles for men, women, boys and girls. This is important, for footwear has evolved to a point where even the simplest designs, including flip-flops, have an expression all their own. The days of bulky, unisex pool sandals are over. Good riddance, I say-especially when I see the superior quality and styles available today.

Remember the cheap, almost styrofoam-like quality of early flipflops, and how they would fly off your feet if you weren't careful to clutch your toes to keep them on? What a pain they were to wear! Luckily, these early misfortunes have been replaced by quality materials and manufacturing. Even better, the price hasn't gone up all that much. If you compare them to what you used to get, today's flipflops are a steal.

Men's and Women's Flip-Flops

Men's styles in pool sandals show the most change. In the past, they were functional but homely. Now, however, men's sandals offer comfort as well as style. Narrow straps are usually more comfortable than thick straps, for they give the foot more leverage. Right now, earth tones and natural fibers integrated into the sole are popular in men's flipflops.

Women's flip-flops, on the other hand, can be breathtaking. Besides the obvious pool sandals, crocheted, beaded, and sequined thongs and slippers are all the rage. One of my favorites are rubber thongs with brightly-colored,kitschy designs, such as a hula girls, printed on the sole. When it comes to women's flipflops, there's no need to confine them to the back yard; they're good-looking enough to wear out on the town!

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