Full Bridal Crinolines

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Full bridal crinolines help give wedding dresses those wonderful, full skirts. If you have always dreamed of the kind of wedding dress that would make you look like a princess, or like Cinderella at the ball, then you'll definitely want to wear full bridal crinolines underneath your gown. Crinolines and other petticoats are often worn with waist cinchers of some sort as well, to enhance the look of a tiny little waist, and a full, beautiful skirt.

The History of Full Bridal Crinolines

Crinolines have a very interesting history. The word originates from a combination of the French words for horsehair and linen, because the original crinolines were, in fact, made of a blend of these two materials. Crinolines were developed in the 1830s, and became very popular, very quickly.

In fact, by the 1850s, women were typically wearing about six crinolines underneath their dresses. Of course, this became unbearably hot and uncomfortable. In addition to wearing these huge, heavy crinolines, women were also cinched very tightly into corsets. No wonder there was an epidemic of fainting during this era of history!

Today's full bridal crinolines, thankfully, are no longer made of horsehair and linen. Crinolines are comfortable, affordable, and light. They will help make you the beautiful bride you were meant to be.

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