Full Fashioned Stockings

Written by Rachel Arieff
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For discerning dressers and retro-vintage fashionistas, as well as admirers of fine lingerie, full fashioned stockings rank at the top of the list of the most desired women's hosiery. There are several reasons for this. The most pervasive reasons are their beauty and sensuality, their high quality, and even their historical place in Western culture.

Full fashioned stockings (known as "fully fashioned stockings" in Europe) are constructed by a unique process that involves knitting two sides of each stocking leg into a flat panel. Then each panel is sewn together with a welt seam in the back of the finished stocking. This is a process that dates back to the Second World War, when these stockings were first manufactured.

Full Fashioned Stocking Construction

Another characteristic of full fashioned stockings is the doubled-over top welt, along with a "finishing hole." This is a small hole that is left in the back seam of the stocking at the very end of the construction process. Its purpose is to enable the stocking to fit more precisely to the leg. If it sounds like these stockings are a work of engineering, in truth, they are. The results of this construction are inimitable in terms of style, look, and fit.

Today, you can purchase simplified seamed stockings, often at about half the price of full finished stockings. These "full fashion style" stockings lack the doubled top welt and finishing hole that are essential to genuine, fully fashioned stockings. Furthermore, the sewn-on back seam of full fashion style stockings functions as an embellishment, rather than as the result of joining two pieces together. However, for those looking for a sexy but less expensive back-seamed stocking, full fashion style stockings are a good choice.

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