Full Figure Bras

Written by Liza Hartung
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Many women who have very small chests or very large chests find it hard to go shopping for bras. For some reason, many of the mainstream bra lines have it that women only fit into a few basic sizes. I have yet to figure out why this is. They know that other sizes exist quite regularly, right? Do they not think that other sizes need support or want to look sexy as well?

I know there are many of you nodding your heads right now. What's a girl to do? My solution is to turn to the Internet. There are people out there who know that women without the "perfect cup size" need some love, too. You can find full-figure bras and bras for women with very little chest. Not only that, you can find wonderful styles, designs and colors.

The Ugly and the Boring

You may have noticed that many of the sizes that do fit for plus-size or very small aren't the most attractive bras. They're either plain white, black or, the most boring, nude. Nude has its purpose, but it's not in the bedroom. What happens when these women want to have an intimate evening, or just know they're wearing something sexy under their clothes?

Ladies, don't spend another moment worrying about finding bras that fit. Take the ones you have had for years, the ones that are starting to look ragged, and throw them out. You've been keeping them because you thought you'd never find your size again. Start perusing the Internet. You will be shocked and thrilled at all the styles and sizes you can find. In addition, many of them are affordable.

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