Full Figure Intimate Apparel

Written by Liza Hartung
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Are you having a hard time looking for full-figure intimate apparel? It can be hard for plus size women to find lingerie that not only fits, but is appealing as well. It seems that the major manufacturers of lingerie don't want to make bigger sizes. They go for the "average" person. This also tends to mean that smaller women have a hard time finding things that fit as well.

It seems that whenever some intimate apparel is found that fits, it's not very attractive. How many of you have had this happen? You're looking through the racks at a local intimates store, and, by some miracle, you find something in your size. However, you pull it off the rack, hold it up, and you discover you wouldn't be caught dead in those colors, that cut or what have you.

Feel Like a Woman

All women like to feel sexy. We like to know we look good. We like to be desired. We just like feeling like women. We can be alone, with friends or with an intimate partner, but we need to feel this on occasion. One of the greatest ways to brighten your mood and make you feel good about yourself is to put on some sexy lingerie. I know some of you are thinking that this wouldn't work.

Just try it. What have you got to lose? If you can't find something you like in the store, use the Internet. This is also a great option if you feel self-conscious just walking into a lingerie store. Order something that you are attracted to. You don't have to feel that you'll look good in it. When you get home, lower the lights, do your make-up, pour a glass of wine if you like, and try on your item. Wear it for the rest of the night if you want.

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