Full Figure Support Bras

Written by Diane Sievert
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Full figure support bras are a necessity for large breasted or full figure women. If you have a large bust line, you must provide the proper support or you could end up with serious problems. For instance, one of the most common complaints associated with poor breast support is chronic back pain.

Full Figure Support Bras Are Absolutely Essential

It's quite easy to understand why full figure women would avoid full figure support bras. All too often these bras are completely plain and, to be blunt, rather ugly. Just because a woman has a large bust or a full figure doesn't mean she should be relegated to the ugly underwear department.

Thankfully, some of the major underwear companies (like Maidenform, for example) have taken notice of this dilemma and begun manufacturing full figure support bras that perform their intended duties in elegance and style. If it's been a while since you've even taken a look at the full figure section of the lingerie department, it may be time to take another gander. You should be pleasantly surprised by some of the options being offered.

The two most common types of full figure support bras are underwire and soft cups bras. The underwire bra is popular with large breasted women because of the added support a wire adds to the bra--it does a lot more than fabric would on its own. The soft cup bras are likewise quite popular as they provide full coverage and support without being terribly uncomfortable.

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